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Planning for Nepal Visit

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Planning for Nepal Visit
Can you have a great time in Nepal in under a week?
I’ve always suggested taking a long trip to Nepal (if you have longer, see my two week itineraries for Nepal and one month itineraries) to get the most from this great country. 

The answer is of course yes!

With new budget airline routes from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and New Delhi opening up there has been an unprecedented rise in short trips to Nepal.I’ve had great people from Malaysia wanting to make the most of these new offers as well as tourists visiting Thailand and India who never thought it possible to make it to Nepal so easily.

When are you going to Nepal is nearly as important as “how long will you be in Nepal”. Remember Nepal has a four season temperate climate which will affect what you can do there. Let’s start with the best time to go and work down.

September to late November is peak season. This is just after the monsoon season so the air is dry and clear. This is the perfect time for visiting Nepal for trekking and other activities.
December, January & February are cold winter months throughout Nepal. It doesn’t snow in any of the main non-trekking cities in Nepal but it does hit freezing levels. There’s also a substantial lack of electricity at this time.
Planning for Nepal Visit

February to April is Nepal’s second busiest tourist season with warmer temperatures throughout. Climate change often means downpours towards the end of this period.May to June is the start of the monsoon season. Short and long showers are more frequent and flight delays are getting more common. It can get brutally hot and humid.

June to August is monsoon season is in full swing and you better come ready to get wet. Leeches are out in the valleys and flight delays are very common.Okay so now when you are planning to take your holiday break you should know what to expect weather wise. There’s more detailed information about the best time to visit Nepal here there’s more on Nepal weather here.
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