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Nepal Culture Tours

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Nepal Culture Tours
Cultural Tours: The best way to explore the diversities of Nepal

Each part of Nepal, from East to West, or North to South, has its own cultural setting. Tradition, religion, belief, language, social organization and people are the important aspects of culture in Nepal. Sacred pilgrimage sites, historical monuments and memorials reflect richness of Nepalese culture. As our professional multilingual guides take you on cultural tours in Nepal, you will gain invaluable insight into Nepali lifestyles. Interacting directly with ethnic communities will add excitement to your holiday and rejuvenate you spiritually. Experience the cultural delights of Nepal with us depending on your time availability - within a day to over a week. We also organize photography tours and helicopter tours as new alternate ways to explore Nepal.

Nepal is a rightly recognized as a paradise for climbers and trekkers for we have the highest and most majestic mountains on earth. However our country has an extremely rich cultural and religious heritage as well as endless natural beautiful surroundings that will take your breath away - it is like journeying through an open museum. We have designed our Nepal cultural holiday packages to incorporate as many cultural highlights as possible as well as a rich variety of natural unspoiled beauty - holy pilgrimage sites, historical monuments and UNESCO world heritage sites reflect the richness and diversity of the Nepal culture.

Almost all the important religions of the world are found in Nepal, however, the majority of the population follows either Hinduism or Buddhism - both religions are practiced side by side harmoniously - a unique example of tolerance and understanding. Being able to photograph a Buddhist Stupa and a Hindu Temple in one shot characteristically bears witness to this. Both of these religions celebrate many festivals of religious significance with amazing enthusiasm - thus Nepal is known as a non-stop festival country and a living cultural museum of the world.

Our Cultural package tour includes exploration of the vibrant Kathmandu valley with its sacred temples, statues and narrow winding colorful streets. Pokhara - a peaceful city beside a beautiful lake surrounded by tree covered hills with views of the high mountains beyond - here you can rest and explore; then Chitwan - famous for its wildlife jungle safaris; Lumbini - the birth place of Lord Buddha and Nagarkot - a hill station for our overnight stay and the Everest Mountain Flight - to see and photograph fabulous Mount Everest and many more magnificent mountains, glaciers and verdant valleys.

These are just some of the attractive destinations of your short holiday tour in Nepal. With all of our package cultural tours of Nepal, you will gain invaluable and incomparable insights into the diverse ethnic groups, - their lifestyles, social behavioral patterns, traditions, religion and beliefs - all of these are important aspects of our cultural tours led by knowledgeable, caring guides.
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