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3 Reasons to Love Pokhara

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3 Reasons to Love Pokhara
For those traveling to Nepal, it has to be said that Pokhara is one of those destinations that leaves an indelible mark on any of those lucky enough to experience her majestic beauty and her array of activities.

Friendly people, great lakeside restaurants, breath-taking scenery and an endless list of adrenaline activities make traveling to Pokhara a trip to remember and simply the best stop in Nepal.

Phewa Lake as a place to go boating, fishing and general bathing in the beautiful Pokhara sunlight, but I haven't mentioned the copious amount of other appealing activities on offer in Pokhara.

Firstly, Pokhara is the place to be if you want to go paragliding. Atop of a monumental mountain overlooking the city, there are many different companies all providing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go paragliding over the perfect scenery. Lake Phewa, the languid town to the side and the backdrop of mesmerizing mountains just makes for the perfect aerial glide.

Another unmissable activity in my eyes would be to hire a motorbike/scooter and drive around the whole city, in particular up the mountain to get the scintillating views over the city and to the famous nearby town of Sarangkot that also overlooks the lake.

The scenery throughout Nepal is quite simply unrivaled around the globe and it is in Pokhara, the starting base for tours of the Annapurna Circuit, where you get to witness some of the finest landscapes and scenery in the world.

At ground level Lake Phewa always manages to look so absorbing, whether it's in the intense sunlight, the incredibly romantic sunset or the mysterious hours of dusk, it's beauty is pure and captivating.

Then from Sarangkot and the drive up the mountain, or from the position of the paraglider, the views will make you speechless, like they did me.

The views will undoubtedly prepare you for the rest of Nepal, a country I couldn't put more emphasiz on for people to go and visit and bare witness to the majestic beauty that it contains.
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